Creamy Hot Chocolate

I’m not a fan of the cold weather, unless it snows enough to go sledding. Playing in the snow is the only exception there is for the cold…and maybe the excuse to drink all the hot chocolate I want. To me there is just something about a cup of hot cocoa on a cold snowy night, it just makes everything feel more magical.

Now I used to be a total swiss miss girl in the hot chocolate department, we had a huge tub of the powder mix that is still in my pantry somewhere. I would just fill a mug up with water, stick it in the microwave and then mix the powder into the hot water. I did this for years until, one of my sweet co-workers taught me how to make it from scratch and it literally changed my life.


Once you start making hot chocolate from scratch,  you won’t wanna go back. I’m telling you, it will change your life. This recipe makes two HUGE cups of creamy hot chocolate perfect for you and your special someone. The best part is you’ll only need three ingredients, just a couple minutes and you’ll feel like you’re a waitress on the polar express. Does it get any more magical than that?

Creamy Hot Chocolate


  • 3 cups of milk (I prefer whole milk, for that super creamy taste)
  • 4 tablespoons of unsweetened cocoa powder
  • 6 tablespoons of white sugar
  • whipped cream or marshmallows (optional)


  • Measure your milk and pour into a small pot, place on medium heat. It’s very important that you are continually stirring the milk as you heat it that way you don’t scald it.
  • Once the milk starts to warm, using a whisk mix in the cocoa and the sugar. The dry ingredients will incorporate the warmer the milk gets and the more you stir it. With that being said, stir your little heart out and within about 5 minutes you’ll have two creamy cups of homemade hot chocolate.
  • Top with marshmallows, whipped cream or even some chocolate syrup & enjoy!

This is a favorite in my house and is surely to become one in yours as well. I do want to add that I don’t recommend using any other milk beside whole or maybe 2%. With the lower fat milks you just don’t get that same creamy taste that you get with whole milk.

If you do try this recipe feel free to either comment down below, or reach out to me on my other socials and let me know how much you (hopefully) loved it!!

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